Only the most superficial part of the skin is injured. This is similar to a bad sunburn. The skin turns red, and there may be blistering or peeling of the skin. They are usually very painful or tender to touch. Simple or superficial burns will heal by themselves over 1-2 weeks with dressings. The blisters should not be burst or peeled off as the fluid encourages skin healing.


Contractures can form after severe burns to the hand. These are the result of excessive scarring across joints. Scar tissue is hard and limits the movement of the joint it crosses. In severe cases, the joint can become frozen in a position that prevents the finger from functioning. The stiff fingers may also get in the way of the uninjured fingers, compromising the function of the entire hand. Over time, the bone and cartilage of the contracted joints becomes damaged and it will no longer be possible to move the joint properly even if the scar is removed.


It's important to know that most breast reduction surgery is defined as removal of a significant amount of breast tissue, usually more than one cup size. ... Recovery periods are similar for both breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery withimplants. Are you happy with your natural breasts? Do you have more sagging than you’d like? Are your breasts heavy or uncomfortable? Breast surgery isn’t just for women that want to increase their cup size (through breast augmentation for example), it is a great solution for any woman who wants to change the size or shape of her breasts. Small or large, if you aren’t happy with the look, feel, and appearance of your breasts, come see us and find out what your options are. Many women with larger chest sizes want to reduce the overall size of their chest through breast reduction surgery. As part of a breast reduction surgery, the breasts are actually lifted and reshaped as well. We’d love to discuss your specific situation with you in depth so call us to schedule an appointment; in the meantime, here is a bit of general information about some options that may be available.



Women getting breast reduction surgery typically do not need implants. Their existing breast tissue can be reshaped and reformed during surgery to create a natural and attractive look, without the need for implants. In cases of a mastopexy, while some tissue may need to be removed to help with the reshaping of the breast, if there is not enough existing breast tissue implants will enhance the look of the reshaped breast, adding fullness and volume that is otherwise not possible. Adding implants during a breast lift or mastopexy may be relatively simple, depending on your anatomy and health status. Recovery periods are similar for both breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery with implants. For more information about the recovery you might expect, check out our last blog article on breast reduction surgery recovery.